Nov. 18, 2013, 10 a.m.

About the Author

Thomas Young here, is my personal programming blog.

I started programming a long time ago on a ZX Spectrum, but only really got my teeth into it properly after a friend showed me how to 'kill the system' on an Amiga 500.

I studied Artificial Intelligence at the University of Sussex and went to work at Gremlin Interactive (later to become Infogrammes Sheffield), shortly after that.

After working on a number of games at Gremlin, then with Appeal (on Outcast 2), I went on to found PathEngine (in 2002).

PathEngine's done pretty well since then, and been released in a whole bunch of titles.

Other interests include cryptocurrencies, cooking and hapkido.

I may have availability for contracting/customisation work. (If you're interested, get in touch.)

You can email me at (thomas at the domain of this website), and you can also find me on github, facebook and google+.

I use this blog to write about pretty much whatever interests me and I think can be usefully shared.

Feedback is important so don't hesitate to comment if there's something to add or if I'm wrong. (Being wrong and getting feedback about it is an important benefit of blogging, I think!)